New Kitchen Roll Holder Set For ROLL-OFF   

We are very pleased and excited to announce we are in the closing stages of launching the New Rolloff® Kitchen Roll Holder, with launch set for springr 2012.

After years of planning, patent attorneys, design engineers, prototype making and manufacture searching, we are finally awaiting our first container to arrive.


kitchen roll holder

So what is so special about the Rolloff® Kitchen Roll Holder to make all this time, effort and money invested worthwhile? Let me explain.

Currently there are Two type of Kitchen Roll Holders available, counter top (upright) and wall mounted, what makes the Rolloff® Kitchen Roll Holder special is that it does both, its wall mounted but also fully mobile like a conventional upright Kitchen Roll Holder. Meaning you have the convenience of a wall mounted Kitchen Roll Holder that doesn't take up counter space in the kitchen, with the mobility of an upright Kitchen Roll Holder to use elsewhere in the home and garden.

So with patent granted we are ready to revolutionize the Kitchen Roll Holder Market.

In the run up to launch we welcome enquires from:

·         Retailers who would like to discuss adding Rolloff® to their stock range.

·         Manufacturers who would like to make Rolloff® under license.

·         Consumers who would like to be kept up to date with the launch of Rolloff®.

·         Trade and Consumer Press.


Anyone consumers signing up to our mailing list will be entered in a draw to win a Rolloff® Kitchen Roll Holder.  

UK Patent Number 2442222

Trade Mark Number 2500481